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Review for Power Rake
Impressive Build Quality and Design

I recently rented Virnig 6 Ft. power rake. I was impressed by the build quality and design. I used to own another manufacturers rake and I sold it because it did not hold up to daily use. What I like about the Virnig Power Rake is the following. Direct drive, no chains to stretch or break, no gear case to service or leak. Wide solid wheels, no flats and no need to hand rake out when using the rake in reverse because the wide tires don’t leave ruts. The retractable wheels are perfect when you need to get up close to a flower bed, tree or other obstruction. I will not due to build quality the wheel arms are heavy and repositioning the wheels is not a one person job. You can use the skid steer and roll the bucket out but you must disconnect the hydraulic lines or you will tare them off the machine. I suggest if you buy this rake put longer hoses on it to alleviate any potential damage. The build quality overall is impressive. My old rake used to stall and flex when I got into tough soil. The bolts holding the wheels and the roller to the gear case would always come loose or strip. I checked the Virnig over and it doesn’t seem to have the same weak points. Last and most important is that Bryan Virnig reached out to me in an email personally when I inquired about my closest vendor. That tells me that customer service is a large part of Virnig’s business plan. Thanks for building high quality products and more importantly standing behind them. -Craig

Review for V60 V-Snow Blade
V60 84" V-Blade Snow Plow

I purchased this to run on a Bobcat 753, clearing snow from a 1/2 mile gravel driveway, and other concrete aprons and dirt roads on my rural property. The V-blade function gives me the ability to break drifts in the “V” configuration, sweep snow in tilt, push with the straight setting and scoop. The built in float and oscillation works well on gravel surfaces. I’ve found that the best way to run it is with the Bobcat boom floating, using the tilt to adjust cutting depth. The heavy duty construction is a must in the rough conditions that I work in. The only shortcoming that I’ve found is that the small center cutting edges obstruct the bottom grease fitting on the middle pin. I had to remove one piece to access it. This was aggravated by the fact that it attaches with standard non-locking hex bolts. Trying to remove the nut while holding the bolt head on the other side is near impossible. I’ll fix this by placing a tack weld on the bolt head next time I work on it. Hard to see how the manufacturer overlooked this. Overall, a well-built functional product.

Review for Power Rake
Great product!

We purchased a Virnig power rake a couple of years ago because we liked the way it was designed and built for constant use in all types of soil, our customers love it. It sits right next to 2 other brands of landscape rakes and it is always chosen first, we have landscapers that will wait until it comes back instead of getting one of the other brands. Great product.


Review for V50 Rotary Brush Cutter - Floating Deck
Great Products

I’m in the commercial brush cutting business. We have 2 Virnig floating deck closed front mowers and the quality, durability and design are the best I have found in the market place.

Review for V50 Skeleton Grapple
Grapple worked great for my projects at my new house!

Rented a skeleton grapple for our Bobcat to do brush removal, and then I found out that the way the bottom of it’s built that it works great for fine grading a yard also.

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