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Virnig Customer Reviews

Review for V60 V-Snow Blade
V60 84\" V-Blade Snow Plow
I purchased this to run on a Bobcat 753, clearing snow from a 1/2 mile gravel driveway, and other concrete aprons and dirt roads on my rural property. The V-blade function gives me the ability to break drifts in the "V" configuration, sweep snow in tilt, push with the straight setting and scoop. The built in float and oscillation works well on gravel surfaces. I've found that the best way to run it is with the Bobcat boom floating, using the tilt to adjust cutting depth. The heavy duty construction is a must in the rough conditions that I work in. The only shortcoming that I've found is that the small center cutting edges obstruct the bottom grease fitting on the middle pin. I had to remove one piece to access it. This was aggravated by the fact that it attaches with standard non-locking hex bolts. Trying to remove the nut while holding the bolt head on the other side is near impossible. I'll fix this by placing a tack weld on the bolt head next time I work on it. Hard to see how the manufacturer overlooked this. Overall, a well-built functional product.
Review for V70 Tree Disc Mulcher
Awesome, simple, well thought out
We have the disc mulcher V70 TDM and could not be more impressed with the product, not only does it function well, it is built to do the things that it looks like it should do! It is built to work not be worked on! And there are some small innovative designs that may go unnoticed for most but that are of the utmost importance! To note one, the case drain relief port on the right side of the mulcher, this simple little design saved not only the Mulcher itself, but multiple other attachments that I own by showing me that I had a problem on my machine that the Mulcher was attached to. This is the kind of engineering and product that you want to own!
Review for V60 Snow Blower
Proven on our MN Farms
High Flow SnowBlower proven on our Minnesota Farms and made in Minnesota by Virnig. Do not buy anything else! It Warmed up today and we had a high of -2F with Sun Dogs and 30mph winds.
Review for V50 Snow / Light Material Bucket
Love it!
New Virnig 8' snow bucket for the Bobcat T595. We're servicing a new HOA year-round, and this will be the main machine on site. It's our 2nd snow bucket from you guys. Best bucket, in our opinion, on the market. Love the slits in the top for sighting our edge for getting close to garages and such.
Review for V40 Open Front Rotary Brush Cutter
High Quality Product
We always do things a bit different here at Mighty Mouse Services but it's all about using the best equipment like our V40 from Virnig. We pride ourselves on high production and high quality finish product. We spend a lot of time researching and testing different equipment and attachments to find what has the best quality, dealer support, design and longevity. Notice we did not mention price which is different than value, the latter being most important.
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