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Review for V50 Skeleton Grapple
Property Cleanup

I’ve had this grapple only for a couple of months but have been very impressed. Very strong construction allows me to do many things without worrying about bending or breaking. I have used it for scraping ground after stumping, cleaning up brush, moving logs, moving debris to a fire. I have lots of attachments but am very happy I found this!

Review for Angle Broom
Sweeper (Angle Broom)

I love my sweeper for keeping my driveway clean in the winter probably as much as my neighbors.

Review for V30 Compact Tractor Skeleton Rock Grapple
V30 Issues Poor Design

We have a V30 grapple the forward hose fitting causes the hose fitting to constantly crack. Needs to allow for more hose movement. Hoses also get into pinch point too easily. Need a way to hold hoses out of the way and allow movement of hoses when latter is raised high and in full dump position and return to none pinch point when fully lowered and grapple rolled back. We have gone through 3 hoses do to wear and breaking of front fitting. Rest of the Virnig items we have seem to work well.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused you, and we’d like to help find a proper solution. We’ve found most hose problems come from either improperly matched hoses to the machine or inadequate hose length. To allow more hose movement the hoses probably need to be longer but we can’t identify the exact problem until we have more information.

Pinching hoses is very frustrating. Many operators have used bungee cords and zip ties to keep hoses up and away from pinch points but still allow some movement. A simple hose re-route could solve/prevent the issue.

Feel free to call to discuss in more detail.

Jamie Houdek
Customer Service

Review for V50 Low Profile Dirt Bucket
Quality Dirt Bucket

The staff was very knowledgable and easy to talk to. I took a very close look when I got it. Nice paint. Nice welding. You can tell they put a lot of pride in their product.

Review for V60 Snow Blower
Awesome Blower

I have a Virnig Snow Blower 85” / 42 GPM. It’s an awesome blower. Chews through snow. Heavy duty, well built and worth the money.

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