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Review for Power Rake
Great product!

We purchased a Virnig power rake a couple of years ago because we liked the way it was designed and built for constant use in all types of soil, our customers love it. It sits right next to 2 other brands of landscape rakes and it is always chosen first, we have landscapers that will wait until it comes back instead of getting one of the other brands. Great product.


Review for V50 Rotary Brush Cutter - Floating Deck
Great Products

I’m in the commercial brush cutting business. We have 2 Virnig floating deck closed front mowers and the quality, durability and design are the best I have found in the market place.

Review for V50 Skeleton Grapple
Grapple worked great for my projects at my new house!

Rented a skeleton grapple for our Bobcat to do brush removal, and then I found out that the way the bottom of it’s built that it works great for fine grading a yard also.

Review for V60 Industrial Rotary Cutter
Awesome Brush Cutter

Bought this V60 rotary mower last year and finally got to put some time on it. It’s truly amazing what this cutter will go through. Works fine on grass and tall weeds, but you really get to see what 41 gpm will do in thick brush and cedar. This thing went well above and beyond my expectations. With the right machine this cutter is unstoppable. Glad I made this purchase. It definitely compliments our land clearing business.

Review for Power Rake
Need some changes

There are many things that could make this one of the best power rakes out there. Little things like having more room on wheels in the front so if and when you do go through mud they would still turn. Next the plates on front of rake would be great if you can make them angle out and also be able to move them to the back of the rake to hold the dirt in reverse. Also, have a moveable flaps above the carbide drum roller that you could adjust so you can pulverize finer.


Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable feedback. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products, and I can see how these things may improve rake performance.

It’s possible to install the plates on the back. You’d have to drill four holes and install two brackets. All the necessary parts can be ordered through your dealer.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss in more detail.

Jamie Houdek
Customer Service

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