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Virnig Customer Reviews

Review for V60 Snow Blower
Proven on our MN Farms

High Flow SnowBlower proven on our Minnesota Farms and made in Minnesota by Virnig. Do not buy anything else!
It Warmed up today and we had a high of -2F with Sun Dogs and 30mph winds.

Review for V50 Snow / Light Material Bucket
Love it!

New Virnig 8′ snow bucket for the Bobcat T595. We’re servicing a new HOA year-round, and this will be the main machine on site. It’s our 2nd snow bucket from you guys. Best bucket, in our opinion, on the market. Love the slits in the top for sighting our edge for getting close to garages and such.

Review for V40 Open Front Rotary Brush Cutter
High Quality Product

We always do things a bit different here at Mighty Mouse Services but it’s all about using the best equipment like our V40 from Virnig. We pride ourselves on high production and high quality finish product. We spend a lot of time researching and testing different equipment and attachments to find what has the best quality, dealer support, design and longevity. Notice we did not mention price which is different than value, the latter being most important.

Review for Skeleton Rock Grapple
Skeleton Rock Grapple

We purchased the attachment in 1995 when we purchased our brand new CASE 465 Skid Steer. It was a little expensive at the time and we were new to farming and wood lot management. Over the years it has been on the machines and proved more useful than any other single attachment we own. It is a hand for your machine! And a darn strong one at that. We have exceeded the lift limit of the machine, and the grapple cylinders a few times, but we have been amazed at the raw power this piece has. It has been through a few machines on our farm, corral cleaning, rock moving, tree moving, demolition, and it has NEVER EVER failed us. We had to replace the hoses from the machine to the grapple 3 times in its life. I would not hesitate to recommend one for commercial use, it will never let you down.

Review for Pallet Fork
Pallet Fork

You guys make great quality products!

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