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Review for V60 Snow Blower
Awesome Blower

I have a Virnig Snow Blower 85” / 42 GPM. It’s an awesome blower. Chews through snow. Heavy duty, well built and worth the money.

Review for V50 Low Profile Snow Pusher
Exceptionally Nice Skid Steer Attachments

The company I plow for has several snow buckets, five V50 low pro rubber edge snow pushers and one V60. All equipment is exceptionally nice and can take abuse like no other snow equipment I have used!

Review for V50 Rotary Brush Cutter - Floating Deck
Very Nice Skid Steer Brush Cutter

Well built mower. I like the floating deck.

Review for V60 Industrial Rotary Cutter
WOW!!! What a great machine!

I cannot say enough about how excited I am with this exceptional tool for clearing brush and small trees. I used it yesterday for the first time on our CAT 279D tack machine with High Flow hydraulics. I cleared about 4 acres of brush and trees in 3 hours, I could not believe how much power this unit has. The hydraulic pump and flywheel design can really handle the material. The engineering of the front bar and curved design draws the cut material into the unit for strong mulching action leaving a clean work site. You can see there was extensive engineering and testing to get this to function so well. Very impressed with that aspect! We had another brand for several years and went through 3 pumps just doing lighter work and grass cutting. The company is a good national brand, but after one pump replacement, we were on our own. It sits in the shed with a broken shaft that drives the pump. Kind of worthless as the new parts cost more than the unit is worth today. We decided to start over, do our homework and get a stronger unit from a good manufacturer. This V60 unit has a direct hydraulic drive to the high flow pump. It is awesome. The big flywheel is 2-3 times the size and 3-4 times the weight of our other brush cutter – WHAT A DIFFERENCE! This unit powers whatever we run through it. The powerful momentum of this flywheel helps when you accidentally hit an unseen old tree stump or stone. It tends to bounce/bump up and go over those things. The lighter units don’t handle those things as well. Overall, our team is exceptionally pleased with your equipment! The quality of the design, welding, construction, and paint finish is excellent! It is worth much more to us in productivity and quality of work than we paid for this. There are other units priced higher and lower, but this one is a very good value. We will recommend this unit and the Virnig Mfg. Company to all of our family, friends, and people in the construction, development, and landscaping business. We love to find equipment and a company that exceeds our hopes and expectations. We purchased this cutter and a snowblower over the internet last fall (delivered to our CAT dealer) by reviewing it with your sales staff and good info/videos on the website. We trusted Virnig to deliver as presented from that research. You have exceeded our desires and expectations. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to use this machine later today!

Review for V50 Angle Snow Blade
Angle Blade

I just bought a 84″ virnig angle snow plow really built heavy-duty.

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