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Virnig Customer Reviews

Review for V60 Utility Bucket
V60 Utility Bucket

As a small business specializing in land clearing and site development we can’t afford to have attachments that underperform. We couldn’t be happier with our American made, Virnig V60 utility bucket and it’s performance in different applications. Whether we are cutting sod, digging virgin soil, grading aggregate, or loading out material the V60 has a great profile and it’s heavy duty frame takes a beating! If you’re in the market for a HD bucket I’d highly recommend Virnig!

Review for V50 Brush Cutter
V50 Brush Cutter

Can’t get much better then this, all the brush mowers we’ve used have not compared to this one. Such a clean cut.

Review for V60 High Capacity Dirt Bucket
V60 High Capacity Dirt Bucket

I use only Virnig buckets, as the 84 inch HD dirt bucket is a perfect match for our T76. A Virnig bucket is high quality, reliable and proven to get the job done.

Review for V60 Utility Bucket
V60 Utility Bucket

I am excited to provide feedback after running my new Virnig V60 Utility Bucket for a couple hundred hours on my Case 450B. I have been excavating virgin soil with it on a couple projects without issue (and I thought it might slow me down). The machine is heavy enough to provide enough down pressure to break into the ground, and it has plenty of breakout to quickly snap the bucket through the material. Recently I graded out 15k sq. ft. of concrete prep in 5 hours. The increase capacity of the bucket and the increase width really shows its advantage on laying out large pads. After a couple hundred hours I feel the bucket has already paid for itself with the increase in productivity.

Review for V60 Tine Fork Grapple
Best attachments, hands down

Best attachments for strength and longevity. I’ve tried to save money with buying cheaper attachments but they don’t last and end up costing me more money and down time. If you are looking for attachments that will last look no further.. buy with confidence.

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