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Virnig Manufacturing designs, engineers, and produces skid steer attachments right from the heart of Central Minnesota. For nearly 30 years, we’ve led the charge on innovation and high quality manufacturing for our industry. Our products change the way agriculture, landscaping, and construction verticals move earth and snow, and whatever else is in the way.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Does Virnig Build Mini-Skid Steer Attachments?

All attachments we manufacture have a universal skid steer mount. Use the recommended loader capacity listed per attachment to determine if it’s of compatible size for the intended machine.

How Do I Make a Purchase?

Virnig sells skid steer attachments through a network of independently owned dealers. Call 800-648-2408 for assistance in finding a dealer or use the Virnig Dealer Finder.

What Are My Pricing Options?

Please contact a local Virnig dealer to obtain pricing information. For Virnig’s suggested retail price, please fill out an online Request a Quote form.

What is Recommended Loader Capacity?

Virnig skid steer attachments are rated to provide maximum performance and protection against damage when paired with an appropriately sized skid steer loader. See more about choosing the right attachment for your skid loader.

What is the Setup Time for a Virnig Skid Steer Attachment?

Most Virnig attachments are ready to perform right off the pallet. To minimize setup time, Virnig Manufacturing requires machine brand and model to be listed in every order concerning attachments with hydraulic components. This ensures proper hose length, routing, and coupler sizing in addition to all hydraulic Virnig attachments being tested for leaks and proper operation before leaving our warehouse. There may be specific scenarios where additional setup time is required.

Where Can I Find a Product Manual?

Go to www.virnigmfg.com/manuals and enter the serial number to download the product manual.

What is Virnig’s Warranty Program?

Virnig Manufacturing, Inc. products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship for one year from the end user’s date of purchase.

What Type of Attachment Interface or Hookup Does Virnig Use?

All Virnig skid steer attachments are manufactured with a universal mount to fit most skid steer loaders. The mounting frame is built to ISO 24410 and SAE J2513 standards.

What’s the Turn Around on Replacement Parts?

Most parts and components of Virnig skid steer attachments are available in stock and can be shipped same day. Fabricated and back ordered parts are available with reasonable lead time, and Virnig always employs several shipping options to provide timely, cost-effective delivery to customers.

If you’re in need of a replacement part, reach out to your local Virnig dealer.

Why Does Virnig Manufacturing Use NitroSteel® Cylinder Rods?

NitroSteel® rods are a superior product alternative to chrome plating. The finish offers improved corrosion resistance and better grease retention. Chrome plated cylinder rods can flake or pit causing seals to be damaged or destroyed which causes downtime and extensive, costly repairs. NitroSteel® rods perform better, increase the service life of a cylinder, and are the most cost-effective choice.


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