About Virnig

Virnig Manufacturing

Established in a two-car garage, just outside of the city limits of the rural community of Pierz, MN, in 1989, Dean and Lois Virnig started Virnig Manufacturing and Welding. The Virnig’s first business was repair work for local farmers and construction companies in Central Minnesota. When it comes to superior service and quality work, word travels fast in a small town, and the Virnigs saw their little business grow quickly. Within five years of opening the doors, Dean and Lois moved from their makeshift shop into a larger building and expanded into manufacturing skid steer attachments and dump trailers, subsequently changing their name to Virnig Manufacturing, Inc.

High product demand and limited space warranted additions in 1994, 1997 and 1999. Finally, the Virnigs decided to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rice, MN, in 2001. In 2010, an additional facility was constructed across the parking lot from their current shop to add more workspace. Then a 28,000 square foot expansion, which includes an automated wash bay and powder-coat paint system, was completed in 2014. Altogether the expansion grants more space for all facets of the company and provides a springboard for the future growth of Virnig Manufacturing.

Today, the facilities still encompass all aspects of the manufacturing process. From engineering and cutting raw materials to machining, welding, and painting, Virnig manufactures all of its skid steer attachments in-house. Although the company has grown substantially over the last 30 years, the mission of providing a high-quality, durable product has and will continue to be the same.


Steel TypePlate-Steel-Stack

Yield strength measures the stress steel can withstand before it remains permanently deformed.

Virnig builds skid steer attachments that outlast the competition by coupling high yield strength plate steel and round stock with more welds and better reinforcement. At minimum, Grade 50 steel plate is employed for all attachments; anything less and the steel could deform. For high stress areas Grade 80 plate is utilized.


All Virnig bucket tines, hinge pins and cylinder pins are made from 1045 Cold Finished Stress Relieved (CFSR) round stock. In short, 1045 CFSR is stronger than round stock typically used in these applications. These parts are extremely important even though they make up a small part of the attachment.



Virnig offers loader specific hydraulic motor configurations to ensure optimum performance and longevity. Inferior or overworked motors may save money upfront, but pay it back in performance loss and shortened life.



The hydraulic motor and loader run more efficiently with correct diameter hoses. Smaller hoses are less expensive, but limit performance through pressure loss and heat build up.



All cylinder rods use NitroSteel®, which features a dent and flake proof protective layer chemically bonded with the steel rather than a basic coating. All pins, washers and spacers are zinc plated furthering the corrosion resistance of the attachment.


Virnig uses laser cutting technology to ensure every steel part is created with a high level of precision. Laser cutting offers tighter tolerances and a smaller cut width than other conventional cutting methods, which leads to better quality and unbeatable value.

Laser cutting produces finished parts and components with smooth, mirror-like finished edges, while generating less material waste than other cutting processes. The combination of high strength steel and laser cut precision allows Virnig to consistently manufacture affordable and long lasting skid steer loader attachments.


Robotic welding improves efficiency, which increases output for a shorter lead time. It ensures consistent weld quality, which yields consistent product quality. Robots also create a better, safer work environment for Virnig employees. 


Powder coating provides superior resistance to corrosion, scratching and fading for a more attractive and durable finish. The entire process reduces the environmental footprint through the elimination of hazardous chemicals, a 96% reduction in water usage, and minimizing waste by reusing oversprayed powder.


Over 40,000 attachment parts in stock and ready to ship the same day the order is received. Fabricated parts are available with a reasonable lead time. Several shipping options are available to provide timely delivery.

A commitment to stocking common attachments ready to ship as soon as next day. Also, Virnig partners with high-quality freight lines to deliver product on-time and intact.



Some call it low-pressure; Virnig calls it common sense. Customer relationships are value and the sales team is dedicated to finding solutions.

A proactive customer service team is prepared to assist with anything. To this team of experienced professionals help is more than a document, it is a conversation.

Virnig warrants its products and components to be free of defects for 1 year from date of purchase.

Virnig’s most valuable resource is its experienced, professional staff totaling more than 425 years of experience within the company.

Since 2015, Virnig added 28,000 sq ft to its facility, an automated powder coat paint system and three robot welders. Plus, a 500kw solar power system.

Solar Power: Completed in 2017, each year the 500kw solar power system reduces CO2 emissions to over 520,000 lbs of coal, 70 homes or CO2 removal by 560 acres of forest.

Pollution Prevention: Raw steel is covered from the elements and the shop yard is swept regularly to limit pollution. Full compliance with the local pollution control agency ensures the measures we take are working.

Native Landscape: The area surrounding Virnig’s facility was planted in native vegetation in 2010, providing habitat for local wildlife.

Eco-Friendly Powder Coating: The entire powder coating process reduces the environmental footprint through the elimination of hazardous chemicals, a 96% reduction in water usage and minimizing waste by reusing over-sprayed powder.