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Review for Brush Mower
V40 Cutter

I thought I would have buyers remorse when I was making this purchase, but after getting it home I couldn’t be any happier! I am a home owner with about 20 acres of overgrown woods. I used it a few times in a small area just to get the feel for it. I spent about 5 hrs in the skid steer with it so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance. I have been cutting everything from grass to small trees up to 3 inches in diameter. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute!

Review for V50 Skeleton Tine Grapple
Brush/Manure Grapple

I bought this grapple attachment for my Case 1845 skid steer from the John Deere dealership in Michigan last month. I love it! Strong and efficient, easy to use. It’s made easy work of a very challenging job: cleaning up deep manure pack. Great equipment, thank you.

Review for V50 Skeleton Rock Bucket
Well Built Rock Bucket

We have a 78 inch Rock Bucket and have been very happy with it. We use it on packed horse manure and brush more than rock. We do use it for rock we are sorting through piles in farm fields.

Review for V50 Rock Bucket
V50 Skeleton Rock Bucket

Awesome for rock and better for pack manure we run. If you get the opportunity try a Virnig snow blower for the skid steer it is unstoppable.

Review for V50 Rock Bucket
72" Skeleton Attachments

I have a 72″ model (V50 Skeleton Rock Bucket) and the grapple version (V50 Skeleton Rock Grapple) and I love them. You can’t hurt them. The stalks do tend to build up in the bucket but you can still shake out the dirt. Works good for popping out saplings, and using as a tooth bucket, landscaping, concrete removal. Virnig is the only way to go.

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