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Review for V50 Skeleton Rock Bucket
Well Built Rock Bucket

We have a 78 inch Rock Bucket and have been very happy with it. We use it on packed horse manure and brush more than rock. We do use it for rock we are sorting through piles in farm fields.

Review for V50 Rock Bucket
V50 Skeleton Rock Bucket

Awesome for rock and better for pack manure we run. If you get the opportunity try a Virnig snow blower for the skid steer it is unstoppable.

Review for V50 Rock Bucket
72" Skeleton Attachments

I have a 72″ model (V50 Skeleton Rock Bucket) and the grapple version (V50 Skeleton Rock Grapple) and I love them. You can’t hurt them. The stalks do tend to build up in the bucket but you can still shake out the dirt. Works good for popping out saplings, and using as a tooth bucket, landscaping, concrete removal. Virnig is the only way to go.

Review for V60 Industrial Rotary Cutter
Great Products!

You’re the only company that I will buy attachments from. Quality welds and craftsmanship on all of your products. I like the brush cutter’s round flywheel compared to the triangular ones that will catch stumps and rocks. When I was researching the mower I couldn’t find too many reviews. I have the rock bucket skeleton grapple, hay grapple, pallet fork, auger with rock/frost bit, and bucket with weld-on teeth. I’ve been very pleased with all of them.

Review for Attachments
Skid Steer Sales

I have sold Virnig attachments for 8 years now in 2016 and these are hands down the best attachments for skid steers that I have sold. Very universal and fit all makes and models of skid steers. They hold up very well and are priced well. I sell about $75000 worth per year and wouldn’t consider selling other brands. Virnig is always looking for ways to improve their attachments and increase their line up all of the time. Keep up the good work and I will keep selling! GreenMark Equipment

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